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This Free Hypnosis Script for Alcohol Cessation includes:

  • Introduction
  • Relaxation
  • Location
  • Deepener
  • Treatment – The 8 Step Control Panel Metaphor
  • Suggestions
  • Future Pacing
  • Count Out

Check out the full script below and just think of all the possibilities you could explore by designing your own custom Hypnosis Scripts for Alcohol Cessation, just in time for Dry July, using Hypnolab.ai.



Close your eyes and take in a deep breath in, letting the breath go all the way down to your abdomen, then breathe all the way back up to your head, and just let yourself continue to breathe in and out, up and down, in and out…as you drift down deeper…and even deeper now…feeling more relaxed and feeling more comfortable.


And now as you start to focus on your breath and all the other nice feelings that it creates, I wonder if you can recognise that with each breath your body is starting to feel even more relaxed and comfortable, almost as though there is a white silvery gold light that washes over your body as your breath travels up towards the top of your head exploding out into the universe, like a bright shower of energy, and then just as quickly, it travels back down over your entire body as you breath in and down to your toes back into the centre of the earth.

Set the Scene

Imagine yourself walking into a very safe, magical place, your favourite natural place, maybe a beach, a forest, a waterfall, a mountain, a park or whatever it looks like for you, feeling completely safe, relaxed and comfortable, and as you look around you notice all the beautiful things around you, feeling the warmth of the sun, and the fresh breeze on your skin, hearing the deeply relaxing sounds of nature as the start to drift off feeling even more relax now.


You can see the perfect spot off in the distance of your imagination, only five steps away, just up ahead. In a moment, you will walk towards this perfect spot and with each step you take, you’ll feel a wave of relaxation wash over your entire body, and allow it to, knowing that this will help you achieve your outcome even easier.

Now take the first step.

5 – You take the first step forward, feeling that wave of relaxation wash over you.
4 – Double the relaxation as you go deeper.
3 – Letting go, feeling the entire body become more relaxed.
2 – Relaxed to even move, Drifting deeper & deeper.
1 – With the next final step, you’ll arrive at the perfect spot, that very safe place of tranquility & relaxation, called deep deep hypnosis.
0 – Welcome to this beautiful place, called Deep Deep Hypnosis.

Treatment – Metaphor – 8 Step Control Panel

You’re standing at the threshold of the most magical room you’ve ever seen: the command centre of your own mind. A brilliant control panel catches the light in front of you, a collection of buttons, dials, and switches, each one waiting to be adjusted by you.

First, you approach the dials with a label above them that reads Emotional State. You first move to the dial labelled ‘Anxiety’. As you courageously turn the dial down, a heavy feeling begins to lift from your body. It’s feels amazing. You then move to the next dial labelled as ‘Joy’ and you turn that one upwards, feeling a spark ignite within you, like a enjoyable bolt of energy, setting your soul alight with a vibrant & intoxicating energy. You can already imagine your future self, drinking healthy liquids, in control of your choices, under the warm sun, revelling in the harmony and peace your body feels, and the control and certainty that your mind has.

Next, you move to the Focus & Thoughts section of the control panel. You are excited to experience all that this part of the panel can offer you. A large, red button marked ‘I need alcohol to cope’ is blinking at you. You realise that this button should be turned off. So you eagerly, turn it off. As you do, it seems as though, the room starts glowing brighter, as though it’s mirroring the clarity you are also feeling inside your mind.

Next to that button, you see the ‘I am strong and capable’ button, and realise that it needs to be turned on. As you do, a welcoming green light appears and you also notice that the room becomes bright again, feeling more welcoming, mirroring your newfound confidence & strength. You now know that you will navigate life’s challenges with more resilience and strength, more easily than ever before.

You look to the Habits panel, next. A switch labeled ‘Drinking Alcohol Too Much’ is turned on. Confidently & eagerly you shut it off. You feel the shackles of dependency break apart, setting your mind & behaviour free, leaving behind a newfound freedom, ready to take up healthier habits. You are excited to see a ‘Vitality’ switch, and so you quickly turn that on, as you feel a wave of vitality & clarity wash over you, you can almost hear your cells & neurons within you, working harmoniously to support you in your new lifestyle. You now know that in your future, that you now have more control overt alcohol which is a testament to your resilience & strength.

Now, you move to the Identity section of the control panel. A heavy lever, labelled ‘I am an alcoholic,’ is pushed up. With grit, you pull it down, feeling your past insecurities evaporate, as you force it down to the off state. In its place, you push up the ‘I am a Master’ lever. A surge of power runs through you; your spine straightens, your eyes sparkle. You can now see your future self standing tall, unfazed by the allure of alcohol, knowing that you are a master of your life, and your choices.

It seems as though the Beliefs and Values section of the control panel is calling you next. A dial marked ‘I NEED alcohol’ catches your eye. As you twist it counterclockwise, you can feel the walls of self-doubt & reliance crumble. Instead you turn up the ‘I am in control’ dial, a rush of empowerment fills every cell of your body. In the future, you see yourself, brimming with self-love, taking bold strides towards your dreams, making healthier choices, as the master of your life in every way.

You move onto Self-Compassion. You find a red button marked ‘Low Self Worth’ As you press it, it’s as though a weight you’ve been carrying for ages is gently lifted off your shoulders. Instantly you become aware of the immense value you have to offer, and you are filled with a strong sense of honouring this value in so many productive ways.

You then press the ‘Self-love’ button. A wave of soothing warmth washes over you, the sweetness of self-love pouring into you, healing old wounds, giving you a new perspective and deeper compassion for what you have endured and who you have become. You are excited for the future and everything that it holds for you now.

Next, you move the Resilience and Adaptability section of the control panel. You find a slider marked ‘Fear of change’ which has been set too high, so you move it all the way down and as you do this you feel a sense of lightness and acceptance wrapping around you.

You see the slider for ‘Adaptability.’ and so you push this up as high as you can, as it fills your heart with strength and certainty, knowing that life won’t ever be perfect, but that you will handle any and all changes with more control, more strength and more certainty. In your future, you see yourself as a phoenix, transforming life’s storms into a epic journey of growth and learning.

And then lastly, the Growth Mindset section of the control panel. A big red light is blinking at you with a label of Fixed Mindset above it, so you flick that switch off, and as you do the boundless sky of potential within you is unleashed. You eagerly flip the Growth Mindset switch on, which makes your spirit soar even more into the expansive space around you. You can see your future self, embracing life as a beautiful journey of lifelong learning and endless possibilities, feeling more in control, as a master of your life and your choices.

Stepping back, you feel every cell in your body dancing with newfound energy, vibrating and energised with the changes you’ve set in motion. An aura of transformation fills the room, reflecting the evolution within you now. Just feel the power of this moment. As you exit the command centre, you feel as though a new chapter in your life has begun. You’re brimming with freedom, vitality, and an unstoppable surge of empowerment.

The keys to change are in your hands, right there in the control panel of your mind. This profound realisation fills you with peace and invincibility. You’re ready for the journey ahead, ready to shape your future with your own hands, as a master of your life and your choices, more easily than ever before.

Direct Suggestions

From today on, you are easily control your alcohol consumption.
You now feel more in control at all times and it gets easier for you to make healthier choices, consuming more non-alcoholic beverages, and dealing with how you feel in more constructive ways.

Everyday, you now have more and more control and power over alcohol.

Deep within, you know how your health and all the other areas of your self image and life will improve , when you are making just a few better choices in what you consume.

Everyday you find it easier to control your consumption of alcohol.

You do this because you know that alcohol damages parts of your liver, your brain & brain.
You also know that it causes relationship issues and how it impacts how you view yourself.

Everyday you now find it easier to make healthier choices, and redirect your actions to find better coping strategies with how you feel because you know this will lead to a higher quality of life for you and the people around you.

Every time you feel the need for a alcoholic drink, you now take deep breaths in and out, rhythmically, saying IN silently in your head when you breath in, and saying OUT silently in your head, when you breath out, and by doing so you can easily allow a stronger feeling of comfort & control to wash over you entire body, calming down your nervous system and helping your body to relax, rejuvenate and find a more functional way to use your time.

Every time you want to have an alcoholic drink, you now take in these Deep breaths, saying IN and OUT, feeling more comfort & control wash over your entire body with each out breath.

Everyday your mind now reminds you that you are a Healthy person with increasing self worth so you can allow the cells in your body to repair, rejuvenate and create more harmony through out your entire nervous system and digestive system.

Everyday you body now heals faster from any past damage caused by excessive alcohol, and you are grateful to how miraculous your body actually is at repairing so fast bringing you back to perform at your peak.

Everyday, you now speak in a way that assists in your ability to control your alcohol intake, easily.
You now say ‘PASS’ knowing that the impulse to have a drink might be something you notice, but you can remember to let it PASS through you without giving in to it. This helps you to retrain your brain & improves your cellular healing and the sense of self worth you have for yourself.

Everyday you are now surprised and amazed at how powerful your own words can be…even the ones you use silently inside your head, because these are still a part of your environment. The words you use to describe your experience and your word have been shown to influence your perception – this is why you now focus on using language to describe things in the ways that you want them to happen.

Everyday you are now finding it easier & easier to control your alcohol consumption.
You don’t expect perfection. Instead, you focus on progress.

Alcohol no longer has any control or power over you, because it is you that now has control and power of it.

You now find it easy to say things like ‘My mind is learning to create better choices more easily’, because you now have ways to train your mind & body in ways that create better results.

And these suggestions are now firmly embedded in your subconscious mind and grow stronger and stronger each and every day – they grow stronger by the day, stronger by the hour – stronger by the minute, to help you create more comfort, more control, have a higher quality of life and have the freedom to do all the things you want to do in your life.

Future Pace

Imagine you can see into the future, and whatever you choose to see, the universe will make happen for you. You know that you are conditioning your mind, body & spirit for better health, more enjoyment & meaning, and giving yourself the opportunity to live your best life because by learning to manage stress without alcohol & adopt healthier coping mechanisms, your quality of life and your physical well-being will vastly improve now.

Imagine your life 3 months in the future…and as you see yourself in this future moment, in your everyday situation, that would’ve normally caused you to reach for a drink, just notice now how much easier it is for you to handle pressure…seeking comfort & indulgence in healthier options, healthier habits… knowing that these small steps help to reinforce your willpower and develops more resilience & self worth…All of this creates an enduring strength within you so you can navigate life’s obstacles with more ease and grace.

Yes, there still might be moments of temptation & fleeting urges, but now you watch as you deal with them in a way that allows you to better respond calmly and still take action towards your goals.

You are breathing slowly and rhythmically…feeling peace, serenity & confidence in every cell of your body…now making better choices, knowing life isn’t perfect, but you have the skills, knowledge and power to handle anything it throws at you. Those old ways no longer have any control. You are all powerful. You are in full control. You are free.

And as you experience all these things, you feel empowered knowing that you now are a peaceful & resilient person, with an improved ability to handle emotions more functionally and feeling more content & in control

You are so grateful to your past self for trusting in your ability to grow, change and create this more serene & confident life that you get to experience now. You feel such a strong sense of self-pride, gratitude and inner strength for everything you have done to achieve this, and you know that you will keep growing and expanding in many other ways because of this.

Count Out

1 – Start to notice the sensation in your hands and in your feet.
2 – Start to notice the sounds in the room and the sounds outside
3 – Take a nice, deep breath in
4 – Stretching up and out
And 5 – Open up your eyes, feeling wonder and refreshed.
Welcome back.

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